The Architect

Anastasia Troupioti is an architect & designer specializing in domestic & small scale commercial architecture.

Filling comfortable in human scale dwellings, she found herself engaged in such ventures, where she articulates her rare ability to create coherent projects of high aesthetics & solidarity.

She hosts her creativity in different levels, in every little macro or micro scale detail going beyond to what one may consider as strictly architecture, offering a 360˚ creative experience.

After spending five years in the U.K, studying architecture, enhancing her interests & honing her skills in photography, art and life drawing, she feels like she cannot escape from architecture ever since. Architecture is everywhere! In music, in fashion, while cooking or even when thinking or falling in love!

Ever since she has been continuously travelling, as this has been the way to explore questions of identity, orientation & creativity.

Talent is good

practice is better, passion is best.

Frank Lloyd Wright

She is roaming between the realms of several and diverse design projects. Residential & commercial, interior decoration, furniture designs along with different kinds of art such as photography, graphics & ceramics.

She is always excited to work on selective projects for like-minded people, who never call them clients as most of the times they become friends.

When she is not doing so, she will probably sliding down a mountain slope or sailing the sea.

A graduate of the University of Greenwich in London, B.A. with honors in Architecture validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), she continued her academic studies in London South Bank University with distinction in architecture & design, holding a MArch validated by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Anastasia holds membership of Technical Chamber of Greece. Her work has been listed among the DOMES Architectural Magazine 2011 Greek Architecture Yearbook and participated in the Hellenic Institute of Architecture 2013 Architectural Awards.

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