Personal Diet

Interior Design

Situated on the ground floor of an apartment complex erected back in the 90’s, the 180m² flat was privileged with plenty of natural light & interior garden views. The principal intention was to create a minimal space with linear lines, implicating order & discipline, features highly required and appreciated while facing the challenging task of changing nutrition behavior.

The shades of grey create a neutral and clean environment that helps focusing. Marble and iron were the materials chosen for the doctors’ desks, releasing a sense of solidity like the instructions given to their clients. Linear, minimal, clutter free, totally aligned with the contemporary digital trend.

Hints of wood and greenery, harvest the surrounded landscape or derive from interior interventions, warm up the space and reflect intimacy & hope. Functionality was highly considered especially in the measurement area by customized furniture design, providing smart solutions. Quotes printed on the walls with bold fonts are there to remind that improving your nutrition habits is definitely the right decision and it is achievable. The diffused lighting scenario is complimentary to the natural light and underlines the neutrality of the space.

  • Project Name Personal Diet
  • Field Interior Design
  • Category Commercial (Nutrition Practice)
  • Location Athens, Greece
  • Area 180m²
  • Status Completed
  • Photography Vangelis Rokkas
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